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About Pacifica

About Pacifica

Pacifica is a scholarly journal published three times a year. Pacifica is owned by the Pacifica Theological Studies Association, which was formed in 1987 to publish a scholarly journal covering all aspects of Christian theology and to provide a forum for theologians of Australasia and the West Pacific Basin. Pacifica serves the needs of scholars and students in responding to the challenges facing the Christian Church today and in the future. It also brings the unique contribution of Australasia and the West Pacific to the international Church and the international community of scholars.


The founding of Pacifica would have been impossible without the initial generous financial support received from many individuals, religious orders, dioceses and archdioceses in Australia. In 1992 Pacifica was adopted by the Melbourne College of Divinity as its journal, and the College continues to provide sponsorship funding. From 2001 Pacifica has also enjoyed the support of the School of Theology, University of Auckland; Sydney College of Divinity, and the Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Boston College USA. From 2005 Pacifica also enjoys the support of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Otago, NZ.

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